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JA Computer Builds
United States - Boca Raton
JA Computer Builds - If you ever buy all of the components to build a computer and you just dont trust yourself or you dont want to build it, you could just send the parts to me, I would build it for you, and then I would send it back for a very low cost. If you would like to send me the components, just mail or email me a list of the parts that you picked so I could assure you that you have all the correct parts in your case. If you dont have a part list just simply request on by going to the Contact Us page and saying what you would be using it for and your budget. I would get right back to you with a custom part list within 2-3 hours upon reading the email. I guarantee you that it have great cable management and that it left my office (my house) with absolutely no problems at all.

I will not do any custom water cooling. Only store bought radiators.

What do Computer Engineers do?

Computer engineering is the creation and improvement of hardware/software interface, chips, memory, FPGA, and the "architecture" inside your computer. Computer engineers work many capacities in designing computers (including desktop computers, mainframe computers, routers, smartphones, and any specialty devices), improving performance for computers, or helping companies make use of computers.

What computer parts are used within most PCs?

Mother Board,
Central Processing Unit (CPU),
Memory (Ram),
Power Supply Unit (PSU),
Graphics Card (Video Card),
Hard Drive,
Solid State Drive (SSD),
Air Cooler for CPU,
Water Cooler for CPU,
Fans in Case,
Sound Card,
IO Plate,
Mouse & Keyboard

Who are you targeting?

This company is targeting the community that feel that buying pre-built computers are simply not cutting it. So, they would want to come to me with questions about certain items, ask for a part list, build a computer with their own components, or make a part list and build it.

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