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Ingeri Arts
Rwanda - Kigali
a registered not-profit organization in Rwanda which promotes promotes artistic education, Culture, Arts and the Well-being of the community for a sustainable Socioeconomic development. We have chosen to initiate this special and inclusive hub open for children and young people in Rwanda to learn, develop and explore their prospective talents and as well gaining different life skills/experiences towards a sustainable social development and cultural sensitivity using performing arts. We strive to empower, educate, inspire, engage communities, promote the arts and art appreciation, and sustain culture through performing arts. Ingeri arts is a pioneer to bringing performance art to the rural areas and seeks to motivate and sustain arts practices out there. Our work incorporates Theatre, Music, Dance, Poetry, Storytelling, Arts&craft and Debates.

The need: The organization relies on the generosity of any individuals, groups or other organizations through donations or in-kind donations. If you want to help, contact us on: or go directly to our support page: and make a choice on how you can support.
Thank you!

Do you have any tips regarding the Entertainment industry?

We believe that every community deserves meaningful cultural and artistic experiences.
We engage and inspire our community through artistic excellence and quality learning experiences. We believe that creativity is essential in peoples lives and everyone has the capacity for creative expression. We cultivate an organizational culture in which all staff and volunteers are appreciated, valued and recognized. We provide gathering opportunities for the community where the exchange of ideas and creative experiences inspire curiosity and understanding. We believe that informed and engaged individuals are agents of change.

How long have you been involved in Entertainment?

Ingeri Arts was founded by Drama artists in 2013 to enhance and promote artistic education, participate in the development, enhance cultural values and contribute to the well-being of the community, designed for arts to arts inspirations as well as arts for education, development and social well-being through performing arts. Since then, we have been working on different initiatives that aim at enhancing the quality of arts produced by our enrolled artists.

What type of people enjoy your talents most?

We mainly work with children and youth. but our work is appreciated by everybody in the community we serve. Different organization have partnered with us in their outreach and educational programs which have also proven the ideal of our programs into the society.

Have you done any news worthy events or shows?

Up until now, we have done many shows including plays "Echoes of bitterness, Iyo menya, umurage uharaze isumbwe, urusobe,..." and an annual event called "DISPLAY", which started back in July 2017. Our artists have also participated in the national events including the National heroes day in which "Amasaro yaka cultural troupe", our music and dance troupe, performed.

What is your dream for your career?

Our dream does not go far from the organizational vision which is a healthy and wealthy society where cultural values and humanity are respected. We seek to have a fully engaged generation with creativity and exploiting their talents as one of the best way to increase opportunities.

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Amasaro yaka
A troupe that seeks to entertain people with a variety of the Rwanda traditional music/dances and poetry as well as fostering cultural sensitivity to everyone. The troupe performs in festivals, wedding ceremonies, schools, hotels, touristic venues, exhibitions, recreational events,... For booking:

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Ingeri Arts
Not-for-profit organization in Rwanda to promote artistic education, arts &culture, and participate in the development and the well-being of the community towards a sustainable and inclusive socioeconomic development of children and youth in Rwanda.

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