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Independent Property Inspector
South Africa - Cape Town
Independent Property Inspector - Your home is one of your most important assets. When buying or selling your home you need the best property inspection available. We are professional,efficient and accessible. IPI-Winelands help Property buyers make an intelligent decision based on all the facts.

How is the current property market in your opionion?

The current property market in my opinion is very stable and despite the interest it is still a good time to buy.The competition in the industry makes it more positive for property investors to invest in the great South African property market.

What adivce do you have to first time buyers?

My advise to first time home buyers is to make absolutely sure that the property they buy is a very good investment and to make sure the property is almost free of any defects because it can cost a great penny or two to repair unnecessary defects that could have been avoided.

Do you have any good adivce about the industry?

To invest in property will always be better than vehicle investments just for the fact that it will always have great long term returns.Buying a property at a young age will make sure that you reap the benefits after a couple of years.Currently the property market is the most stable market.

What are some benefits to owning a property?

You will have a place of your own.Home ownership gives you a sense of independence, privacy and security. The satisfaction of a place you can call your own truly is priceless. It can cost less than renting.
Your monthly payments can be fixed.Buying a home is a good long-term investment.
You can build equity.

Can you describe the steps to buying a house?

Go shopping for a mortgage. Find a good lawyer. Find an agent.
Now find your new home.After you found the ideal property now you can put in an offer to purchase.Let your lawyer handles everything from here on because now the legal part of house buying comes in.

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I am a Independent Property Inspector who love to bring a good service to the public.I am professional,open and very friendly.I love having good and interesting conversations with people a met.I am a good listener and love to share good advice to those in need.

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