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Ijacs HomeImprovements and Maitenance
United States - Columbus/central Ohio
Ijacs HomeImprovements and Maitenance - Hi Im James Im with Ijacs Home improvement and Maintenance.I do all kinds of Home improvement. I even do landscaping as well.I do minor electric and plumbing Bathroom remodels In landscaping mostly gardens clean ups and pond building. I also do all kinds of design work please feel free to call and ask me what I can do for you.

Any adivce about selecting a good Handyman?

Selecting A good Handy man You should always look at what he/she can do for you. Will they create something amazing for you in your home Do quality work work that will last for years to come. Do you trust the work he/she can and will do for you.Then you have found what your looking for

What tools and skills do you have?

Well Our skills is from well over twenty years of experience Staring in ruff framing and growing from there we only do minor electrical and plumbing. Tools we have many tools from doing many jobs over the years from small hand tools to many bigger tools

Did you study or have you become self-tought?

I study almost everyday keeping up with the newer trends that are out there so this way I can always have great ideas to bring you. But must of my training is from being self taught and because of that I do very good work. I have many years of doing many home Im improvements many times

Is DIY a good idea for certain jobs?

well diy well thats for each person or company to decide on or about within there own chouces

How do you know you need a handyman?

How do I know when I need a handyman? Well only you will know when you need one. For starters when you dont know how to do certain jobs or tasks. Or just needing a helping hand in a job or task. All you can truly do is follow how you feel when you need one or call one and ask them

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Hi Im James Your next handy man I have many years of experience in many areas of Your Home Improvements PLease feel free to call me anytime even if its just a question

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