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INEXPENSIVE,RELIABLE,HONEST,CHRISTIAN CLEANING - We are a reputable cleaning service that you can trust to get your home or business cleaned right each time we clean. We a mom and pop cleaning services specializing in every aspect of cleaning. We are licensed. We offer deep extraction carpet cleaning, general cleaning, deep cleaning services and more. We have over 25 years experience in cleaning professionally. If you are in need of a reputable cleaning service give a ring or a text @ Carol Joneses Cleaning Services @ 843-516-3220 for a free estimate on our cleaning services. We give a 5% discount to all senior citizens, military, and emergency responders.

What cleaning services do you offer?

We offer deep extraction carpet cleaning. We only use the finest cleaning solutions to make sure your carpet is spotless every time. We also offer general cleaning and deep detail cleaning services for residential and commercial clients. We always use the finest cleaning techniques and cleaning supplies each time we clean.

Do you have any cleaning tips for our users?

One of the tips that I have found use in cleaning is that you can use peroxide for taking blood out of carpet or out of clothing. Peroxide also takes blood off a hard surface when used to clean up blood. With any new technique you use always test it on a small section of the surface to test to see if it will change the color or damage your surface in any way.

What products and items do you clean with?

We use bleach to clean our bathrooms to kill all of the germs that may be in your bathroom. We always use murphys oil soap on all wood surfaces so that that your wood surfaces will not be damaged in any way. We use a deep down extraction carpet machine to scrub your carpets. We also use a steam cleaning machine to clean ovens and around your faucets to remove all of the dirt from the crevices.

What tips do you have about carpet cleaning?

We have cleaned many carpets over the course of our business. One thing we have learned from cleaning carpet is that the cleaning solutions you use when you are scrubbing carpet can make an enormous difference in the cleanliness of your carpet. One other thing is no matter what cleaner you are using on your carpet for stains always test a small section of the carpet before using it on the rest of your carpet to see if it will dye your carpet.

Can you give us 2 customer reviews?

We have been cleaning many different trailers for different clients. One of our clients happens to be Vanderbuilt mortgage. We always hear from the manager that he never has to worry about checking our work since he knows if we cleaned it is always done right. He knows it is clean when it is done by us. We also have Clayton Homes as one of our clients and we heard several times how clean the homes look once we clean them.

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My Products / Services
general cleaning services
We give you a personal approach to cleaning since we are a mom and pop business. We will come in to your home with a smile on our face. We will do all your light dusting. We clean your bathrooms down with some bleach or what ever you may want us to clean it down with. We wipe down all your appliances. We also wipe down counter tops and vacuum your floors and more.

Product Features
residential deep extraction carpet cleaning
We will come in with a smile on our face and check for stains then treat for stains if needed after vacuuming your carpet with our professional vacuum cleaner. We allow stain treatment to soak about fifteen minutes to disolve stains then scrub your carpet with a professional extraction carpet cleaning machine that uses hot water to loosen stains in your carpet. After we scrub carpet we re-vacuum carpet to pick up any lint that our machine may scrub out of your carpet. We charge the inexpensive price of $30 per room plus an additional fee for stain treating the carpet.

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
Carol Jones
I am a Christian and I run my business with Christians beliefs and morals. I started our business to help spread the word of god to other people and to save people money on their cleaning cost. I also wanted to give our clients a better way to deal with more honest cleaners than some of your companies out there.

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