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Greenwood Security Systems
United States - Greenwood
Greenwood Security Systems - Being the victim of a home burglary can be a very distressing experience. Stress may become compounded once the financial impact of a burglary becomes apparent. According to the FBI, burglary victims in 2011 faced, on average, nearly $2,200 in property loss. This number doesnt take into consideration additional expenses in the form of lost wages, insurance deductibles, and various other costs. Residents of Houston, Texas, were victims of more than 109101 property crimes and 27459 burglaries in 2011. Several of these burglaries could have been prevented had homeowners installed home security systems, which can deter potential intruders from breaking into a residence.

What is your business history?

Weve been in the business for quite a long time.

Any advice for buyers?

For almost all preteens and teens, social media is an integral part of daily life. With Facebook, Instagram and Twitter only a tap away, todays young people are living their lives online. While some experts argue that some social media usage can be good because it enhances communication skills, access to knowledge and helps in improving self-awareness, its critical to ensure that your child is monitored and protected online. Here are some quick tips to make sure your childs online experience is not only social, but also safe.

No Facebook before age 13
Heres a little-known fact about Facebook — no one under the age of 13 is permitted to create their own account. But technically, theres no real way for Facebook to enforce this rule. Anyone can make up whatever birthday they want and boom — theyve got an account. So ultimately, its up to you to keep watch and ensure that your kids arent using social media before they should.

Set privacy controls to the strictest settings
Every social networking site offers the ability to share as much or as little profile information as you would like. For maximum protection, sharing less is definitely more.

Invest in monitoring software
While you may not be able to individually monitor every move made by your child online, the latest Internet monitoring software can. Many programs even allow you to see exact keystrokes.

Create an Internet usage contract
Setting ground rules for social media will ensure that your children are safe and behaving themselves online. The best way to get the entire familys buy-in? Have them sign an Internet usage contract. That way, everyone is clear about what is expected of them, and your entire family is held to the same standards.

Set the social media example
If youre checking Facebook every five minutes and snapping selfies at inappropriate times, youre setting a poor example for how and when social media should be used. Remember, your kids are always watching you, so make sure youre leading by example.

Work to understand the latest technology
If youre serious about monitoring the online habits of your children, youve got to learn the technology. Try to understand the core features of each social network, what kind of information is typically shared and how your kids prefer to engage with each platform.

Do you have any product guarantees?


What is your history in the industry?

Home security has been used throughout recorded history, though available technology did not always offer adequate solutions.

However, humankind persevered, and security devices evolved from ancient times through today, when technological advances occur frequently, making systems more effective and affordable. Heres a look back at home security systems in history.

What kinds of jobs do you take on?

Home Security & Alarm Monitoring Services

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