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Global Tax Accounting Services
South Africa - East London
Global Tax Accounting Services - Do you need help with your tax affairs? Business or Personal?
Our new branch has opened.
We do: Tax Returns and Tax Clearances
BEE Certificates
Company Registrations
CIPC returns
Financial Statements
All SARS submission (Business and Personal)
Our new branch is right across Abbotsford Spar.
Other branches: Next to SARS, King Williams Town.
Come in for a free consultation, phone or email.
Office Line: 043 721 1472

Why do people struggle with accounting?

Because people dont have the right and correct knowledge about accounting. There is a lot of accounting and tax involved when you open a company and people do not know what the correct procedures are when doing the tax for a company and personal as well.

What is most rewarding about being an accountant?

Being able to help people with there taxes and helping them to better there company.
Being able to give people the knowledge they need to do there taxes in the future.
Being able to help them with work they do not understand and dont have to worry about.

What is the history of your accounting business?

We have opened an accounting office in East London next to the SARS office 4 years back. Since then we have opened another office in King Williams Town and recently we have opened a office in Abbotsford across the Spar as well. We are planning to open more in the future.

What risks are assosiated with a business that operates without an accountant?

The risks can we very great if you do not have an accountant. Like explained in the previous answer there is a lot involved when taxes must be done for SARS. If you do not have all the knowledge this can be very damaging to your company. Everybody know SARS is not someone you want to get in trouble with.

What is Financial Accounting?

Financial Accounting is the field of accounting, information is prepared for companies, banks, business owners,suppliers and individuals as well, this will include financial statements. Financial Accounting is governed by both local and international standards.

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I have just opened a new office that i would like to make a success. we have two other office as well. One is next to SARS in East London and the other in King Williams Town

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