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Get Faked Spray Tanning
Australia - Brisbane
Get Faked Spray Tanning - Get Faked Spray Tanning offers Best Spray Tan, Fake Tan, and Wedding Tan in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. For the appointment call us at 0466424641.Get best Spray Tan offered by Get Faked Spray Tanning as we are experienced industry professionals and we ensure our clients are happy, brown and above all perfectly flawless.

Whare is your most popular Salon service?

From the most suitable gleam for your wedding to that deeper colour for the festival, Get Faked spray tanning has some expertise in giving the most natural looking spray tans. For flawless outcomes, visit the Get Faked salon located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

What is your business history?

We maintain the highest principles, with award-winning items, most elevated quality equipment, industry expertise and a basic, direct approach which guarantees both perfect results and a comfortable and relaxed environment.From all the way, we guarantee our customers are cheerful, brown or more all superbly flawless.We pride ourselves on keeping up the highest standards, not just in the best end result, but rather in customer fulfillment, comfort, appointment flexibility, products, staff training, equipment, and technology.

Can you give tips for woman about staying young and healthy?

We have all seen someone with a tan that is not so perfect, and while ensuring your tan is done by a professional using correct equipment and a high quality product, there is plenty you can do before and after your appointment to ensure the best results possible every time. If you every have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact us anytime. We want to make sure you are always prepared.

What questions do most women ask you?

How long will my appointment take?
What happens if I am running late?
Do you prefer Cash or Card?
What should I wear during the service?
What should I wear after the treatment?
Will I be dripping in tan when I leave Get Faked? Will people think I look silly or too brown?

Who is your target market?

.Specializing in formal event tans for weddings, professional photo shoots, runway, school formals, balls, and s. We comprehend the importance of a perfect natural color that is never the focus of your outfit. Our you ought to never need to enlighten anybody concerning us unless you decide to. Nobody should know you faked it itll be our little secret.

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