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Franchised Pizza Store
South Africa - Vanderbijlpark
Franchised Pizza Store - We are a franchised pizza take away store. We offer classic pizzas, gourmet pizzas, gluten - free ,- and banting bases. We also have 3 kinds of salads, and 6 different pasta dishes and lastly, pizza pies. We also can do designer pizza, were you can take a Margarita base and add your own choice of toppings. We are situated in a upmarket area in Vanderbijlpark, next to a pub. Services offered are counter sales, collections and deliveries, and if youre in the store, we have a small seating area were you can sit down and enjoy your meal.

How long have you been running?

We opened September 2015 - current (Feb 2017). We did our training at the Franchiser from July 2015 until just before we opened.

What is your most popular take away product?

Mostly the classic pizzas, with a current running special were you buy 2 large and get a 2L cool drink for free with. One of the most famous that goes out quite a lot is the The Boss. We have a variety of the classics, the gourmets, which includes vegetarian, and hot.

Do you use fresh ingredients?

We mix our dough ourselves and pack it in crates. The dough is rolled into balls, sizes varying from large and medium. The veggies are store bought and prepped accordingly, the meat products we buy form respective suppliers in bulk and gets frozen, until needed for preparation. The meat product are prepped 1kg at a time, with the chicken, mince and seafood being pre -cooked and frozen again.

Are you running any specials at the moment?

1. Buy 2 large (any on the menu) and get a 2 litre cool drink for free.
2. From 11 - 4 (terms & conditions), a pizza pie and receive a 330ml can for free.
3. Buy a Banting or gluten - free base (pizza), and receive a Greek salad for free.
4. Little fella meals ( for kids) - small Margarita, Hawaiian, or geroni, with a oros juice and kinder joy egg.

Any customer reviews?

We have a large base of regular customers, who usually orders at least once a week. Although we try our utmost best to deliver a good service, there has been times were there was complaints, were it has been resolved between us and the customer. It has happened as well were the customers would not return.

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A. Venter
I am a young, married woman, with 2 small children. Although I have 2 degrees, I was a housewife for a long time before we decided to go the business route.

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