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Express Events
South Africa - Port Shepstone
Express Events - Beautiful memories are timeless treasures of the heart, but the best thing about making them! Our Live your Life initiative presents a seven day Summer Entertainment Program for Teenagers.
Adventurous activities coated with fun and laughter a delight to the human soul, adrenaline, and joy is the noted expression. Dont miss out on all the fun! Book now.. limited space available.

Do you have any tips regarding the Entertainment industry?

Keep it simplistic, but have the wow factor. the customer is always right, make sure you have a clear understanding of exactly what the client wants, to avoid down the line disappointment or dissatisfaction.
be fresh and original, have a good knowledge of all the current events, artist, be in the field of knowing who is upcoming musicians, groups etc

How long have you been involved in Entertainment?

Two weeks, but I believe that learning is a treasure that will follow me everywhere. I think, I question, I design, I struggle, I collaborate, I try, I solve, I invent, I reflect and lastly I learn. Truly we are all experts in entertainment as we know how to entertain ourselves.

What type of people enjoy your talents most?

Difficult to be precise as we havent covered many events as yet, but the outcome of every event should be superior satisfaction and enjoyment, a memorable event leaving a lasting impression otherwise we have failed. We strive to meet more than the expectation and includes a surprise element on calculated research.

Have you done any news worthy events or shows?

Not Yet..but in due time and season our expectation for this Company will flourish, the strongest factor for success is self-esteem, believing you can do it, believing you deserve it and believing youll get it, and with due commitment, succes is sure to submit.

What is your dream for your career?

A global events company, I want to travel the world and set up offices all around the globe. With the surplus, I want to purchase land and develop centers for the underprivileged, abused, broken people to get restoration and to build up spiritually and provide them with training in a variety of different small businesses which will run, from these premises providing them with knowledge and opportunity. I might call it The Grace Center!

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Express Events
Hope brings opportunity and its first chapter is new years day, therefore we ought to write a great one, Express Events covers a broad spectrum of events. Our New Years events are stylish - elegant we strive to create a sensational feeling and a lasting impression with this event. Weddings, Birthdays and Corporate events are marvelous events and are tailored each uniquely in accordance with the desire of the customer - we do assist and are very helpful with unique ideas and examples of certain outcomes. The team are delightfully innovative and distinct with a superior fragrance as their signature.

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