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Ethicae-Juridico Consulting PtyLtd
South Africa - Gauteng/ Johannesburg
Ethicae-Juridico Consulting (Pty)Ltd - We conduct a two-way practice, which is legal costs consultancy and legal/ethical research. On legal costs consultancy we formulate and draw legal bills of Costs and attend to taxation where necessary. On legal/ethical research we find relevant case law, analyse the information and formulate our opinion.

What are your skills and expertise?

Research is my passion and it is my DNA to reach appropriate solutions to problems. I had been in litigation for more than ten years and with that experience I specialise in the drafting of trial/appellate/litigation pleadings and make it a point that my attorney-clients find satisfaction in their cases.

Did you study, or have you become self-tought?

I studied law at Walter Sisulu Univeristy and I obtained my B.Juris and LL.B degrees. I attended the Practical Legal School run by University of Natal (Durban) afterwich I served my articles with Dangors Attorneys in Johannesburg. I further studied with UNISA and obtained my degree in Theology (B.Th) with fourteen distinctions.

Do you have any advice for people regarding Consultants?

Consultants are the people who help in finding answers to complex problems in many field. What is required in this field of business is a lot of competency because this is how we build countries - by research and finding solutions. Let us work hard in fiinding solutions and building our country.

How long have you been involved in your industry?

I ma just starting the consultancy business. With my experience as an attorney I found that some cases are lost not because there was no possible solution but because attorneys are busy and have a lot in their hands and thus most of the time lack enough time for research.

What skills are currently in demand in your field?

In legal costs moneys are lost and thrown out by closing hte file without getting into its details and find what an attorney is actually worth being paid after completing any instructions. As legal costs consultants we are a solution to this problem.

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Zanele Mabija
I am a self motivated person. a hard worker who is eager to get to solutions in problems brought to me. I work hard and I do not relax until the job is done efficiently, effectively and successfully. Satisfaction on my clients is what makes me happier than ever.

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