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Estilista Dominicana
United States - South Florida/Miami
Estilista Dominicana - We offer all type of hair styling procedures including among others hair relaxing, keratine, highlights, hair colors, using the highest quality product in the market, trained in the Domincan Republic and licensed in Florida, the Estilista Dominicana utilizes a unique combination of techniques.
One of the characteristics of the Dominican culture and specially the Dominican women is their concern for their hair looks and most of all the health and maintanance of their hair.
The Estilista Dominicana is committed to all the above principles. If you live or are visiting Miami visit her and give your hair a treat. Visit her website and blog at:

How long have you been operating?

We been in business over two year, but just open the present location

What tips do you have regarding beauty treatments?

The main tip is always use quality product and try to stick to a hairstylist so you can get consistent results. Naturally I hope you select the Estilista Dominicana as your favorite hairstylist.

Did you study anything in your field?

Trained in the Dominican Republic and certified by Infotec, when coming y
To the USA was trained and licensed as a Cosmetologist.

What are your fees and costs?

The fees will vary depending in the type of procedures the quantity and lenght of the hair, another influential factor is the deteriration or overall condition of h hair.

What kinds of jobs do you take on?

As a Dominican ined hair stylist I am not only an expert in processe hair, but all different type of hair.

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Estilista Domicana
I was bornn in the Dominican Republic and my cultural abis and customs aim me and help me pick a profession where I can help my clients with the beauty and health of their air.
When I do any hair procedure I utilize the most advance techniques s well as the highest quality products.

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