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South Africa - Bellville. - Virtual Office Assistant - My name is Dmitri and I run a virtual office assistant business. Virtual assistants are relatively new to South Africa, yet widely used overseas. By using a virtual assistant, you will be cutting back on staff costs (UIF, etc). My expertise in doing this shows in the success of my business.

Kindly visit for a full list of services that I offer.

Thank you and have a fantastic day.
Dmitri Dumas

What inspired your internet business idea?

I lost my full time job, so I needed to find another way of having an income. I taught myself web design (Wordpress and Bootstrap). I also taught myself all the Microsoft office products so that I may be useful to someone who needed help. As word spread about what I could do, I decided to launch my site and advertise my services.

How much traffic do you get to your site daily?

It is hard to see the amount of traffic that I get to my site on a daily basis. I advertise my site on various online platforms and social media. Some queries come from my contact form on my site, while others come via social media and other advertising platforms.

What is your primary product or online service?

My primary product is assisting folks with spreadsheets (MS Excel) as many folks just do not have the time to sit down and figure out the advanced features of Excel. Many people just use Excel for quick and small information gathering and then they need to do research to figure out how to do calculations etc. By doing research, they are losing time in attending to other business matters. This is where I come in and assist them.

What tech news gets you excited lately?

In all honesty, I do not get excited in tech news in general. What I do find interesting is modes of transport that do not require fuel. I have seen some sites where there are "jet packs" and I suppose my imagination goes into "Star Trek" mode :)

What is your target market?

My target market is small businesses that are struggling to make ends meet and at the same time trying to get into the main stream. I like to assist in the admin side of things while they can go about promoting their business. I also do promoting and training, and having started with nothing, I find it humbling to be able to assist those who are starting out or who are really struggling (as I have been there)

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Dmitri Dumas
I love assisting people who are starting out or who are struggling as I have been there. I had to start from scratch and I know how stressful it is. By helping others, you add quality to life.

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