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Debt SOS
South Africa - Malmesbury
Debt SOS - Struggling to make ends meet and stressed out by credit providers and debt collectors calling? We can make it stop. We assist consumers who are financially over-indebted by negotiating with their creditors to reduce installments, interest rates and extending terms. By applying for debt review the calls received from debt collectors will cease and you will be able to focus on paying off your debts and have the peace of mind all your debts all credit providers will be receiving payment. CALL ONE OF OUR REGISTERED DEBT COUNSELLORS TODAY ON 087 1500 13

What Finance News should everyone know about?

Debt Counselling is regulated by the NCR and legislated under the National Credit Act. Only qualified individuals registered as Debt Counsellors with the NCR, may assist consumers with restructuring their debt under debt review.

What mistake do people make when it comes to finance?

Applying for more credit to pay for existing debts and spiraling further into debt. Also by waiting until it is too late to approach a DC and legal steps has already been taken by credit providers.

Can you offer any investment advice?


Can you get finance with bad credit?

No. You will be registered on the Credit Bureaus and will not be able to obtain further credit.

Explain your fees and payment structure?

As set out per the NCR fee guideline.

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