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DJ and Karaoke Hosting for kids events.
United States - Freehold
DJ and Karaoke Hosting for kids events. - Our party professionals will bring a sound system, kid-friendly music, game props and prizes to your event. Our presentation is highly interactive and includes all types of age-appropriate games, contests, music and dancing. Examples of possible activities include: Simon says, the Cha-Cha slide, Hula-Hoops, Karaoke, Freeze Dance, Limbo, and other cool interactivities that kids love at any event. We specialize in birthday parties for kids age 1-12 in New Jersey and the surrounding area.

Who in your opinion is the best DJ?

I am the best DJ, I service my clients and treat them special. I always play to the crowd and not my flavor of the day. I have covered thousands of events including High Profile Clients, Weddings, Corporate Events and much more. So yes I consider myself the best DJ.

What services do most Djs offer?

DJs playing a great variety of music, Master of Ceremonies for interactive events, light shows large or small, VJ with video screens or projection systems, Games and or Activities for upscale events and Karaoke hosting for all or any event. Depending on the event you can add in some other fun add-ons like party favors and prizes.

What dj equipment is used today?

Most modern DJs will use a high-end Laptop with a controller. The controller can be connected to another mixer such as Mackie or go directly into professional powered speakers. I personally use a Denon Controller and connect that to my RCF 15" speakers.

What was your biggest show to date?

I had an event for an airline a few years back at an amusement park with over 10,000 guests present. I had the longest Conga I have EVER seen going that day. I had to bring a crew of people to help set up the large sound system that day and did end up being a fantastic event.

Do you play all types of music?

I will play anything that is required to make an event great. I have been collecting music for years and am always updating my collection with music services like Promo Only. I have played to all kinds of events using Pop, Rock, Dance, Oldies, Country, international including Japanese, Indian, Arabic, Israeli and more.

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Joe Kahwaty
I have been DJing for over 25 years and each event makes me a better DJ. I have worked from up in Maine near the Canadian border all the way down the east coast to Orlando Florida with many stops in between.

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