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Credible Construction Inc
United States - BRONX
Credible Construction Inc - Credible construction Inc is basically a home improvement company operating in Bronx and Manhattan areas of New York. We do all types of work like remodeling of basements, kitchen, bathrooms, concrete / masonry work and Bricks work. But we are specialized and have excellent
expertise in all types of Roofing and waterproofing. We also do concrete work like side walk, drive way at backyard. Installation of paving stone, remolding of apartments, painting of house, these services are also provided by the company. With the passage of time the company is doing good and getting the confidence of customers.

How long have you been in the business?

Credible construction INC was registered in 2015, therefore it looks that we are new in the business. In fact construction is our family business there, we are in this for almost two decades. Some time we operate separately due to obvious reasons, but we have long experience in this field.

What tips do you have about Roofing?

There are many types of roofing used by home/ building owners. Safety is most important factor in roofing. one should take extra precautionary measures . Never to forget to wear rubber sole shoes and harness specially on slopes. Always keeps the gutter clean and avoids roots.

What materials do you specialize in?

We are specialized in all types of material being used in roofing. It may include single roofing, wood and metal. Following types of material is mostly used in roofing. Modified Bitumen, Single-Ply TPO Cool Roofs Single-Ply, Roofing.Asphalt Shingle.Metal Roofing Systems.Tile Roofs.

What fees and cost do you charge for?

The fee cost depend upon many factors. Location, areas types of roofing material being used. weather play an important role in this matter. In bad weather it cost you more as compare to better weather conditions. Replacing the roof really cost you as a new roofing.

Do you work with a team?

Yes, we have our team of work. It comprises of people who are expert in their respective trade. like mason, carpenter, roofer etc. Since roofing job need to done as quickly as possible therefore it has to finished before the weather gets bad. Therefore it has to done in good team work.

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