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Continuous Growth Life Coaching
South Africa - Montana Park
Continuous Growth Life Coaching - At Continuous Growth Life Coaching I offer a range of coaching services that include personal development and self-discovery, girls and teens coaching, business and career development coaching, pastoral care coaching and relationship coaching. Courses currently on offer include "Girl Talk", a girls coaching course focusing on self-confidence, body image, friendships, relationships and dating, social peer pressures and career guidance. 1:1 life coaching sessions are available to anyone wishing to make a change in their life or if you are wanting to discover more of the unique YOU! Please contact me to book your life changing session today!

What is a counselors job description?

Counsellors and Coaches are very similar and also differ in a few ways. Counsellors work closely with people who have emotional traumas and assist individuals by listening and reflecting through counselling sessions. Coaches have a much broader scope of practice. Coaches practically empower their clients through questioning and reflecting which in turn assists individuals in discovering their own answers to lifes questions.

Define counselling with psychology?

Coaching and Psychology are also similar and differ in many ways. Psychology primarily focuses on helping people reconcile with their past and move on and heal from past hurts. Life Coaching is more focused on looking for the root of the problem, healing past hurts and traumas through hypnotherapy and time line healing therapy and looks to the future goals and successes of the individual through self-discovery and self-awareness.

What qualifications did you get?

I am internationally registered and qualified as a Master Life Coach, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Master NLP Coach, Master Hypnotherapist Practitioner, Master Time Quintessence Practitioner, Business Coach, Student and Scholar Coach, Pastoral Care Coach, Relationship Coach, Time Line Healing Practitioner and Quantum Linguistics Practitioner.

Where can you find free counselor services?

Most coaching services are not free. You can find free counselling services within a general setting at Life Line. If you are struggling with addictions, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an organisation that offers free counselling and if you are struggling with drug addictions, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) offers free counselling services to those in need.

Tell us about your career as a counselor?

Before I qualified as a Master Life Coach I worked within the Counselling field. I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Pastoral Care and Counselling and worked a lots with terminally ill patients in hospital. I also worked at the Voorberg Correctional Facility in Porteville with the inmates providing counselling services to those who wished to talk about past mistakes and looking at the way forward. One of my many passions is my girls coaching. I developed a customized course called "Girl Talk" for girls aged 8 - 18 that focuses on self-confidence and body image, social pressures, friendships and relationships etc. Currently, "Girl Talk" is the number 1 course on offer.

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My Products / Services
Business and Career Coaching
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Business Coaching is a highly effective approach to business and career development. Knowing how to build rapport with your customers and to keep them coming back is a key aspect in business. When using my business coaching service, you will be equipped to learn how to increase sales, negotiate with difficult people and set goals according to SMART goal setting.

Product Features
Pastoral Care Coaching
Have you ever heard of the saying "caring for the care giver?" Caring for the care giver is probably one of the most important aspects in life. Without you, there is no you in the world to make a significant positive difference! If you are someone in the caring industry i.e. minister, doctor, nurse, or you are in need of pastoral care, please contact me today!

Product Features
11 Personal Development Coaching
1:1 personal development coaching is all about discovering the unique you and re-discovering what you want out of life. Looking at what you focus on and how you can re-direct your focus onto the more important things in life enable you to achieve the goals and outcomes you desire. If you are also struggling with past hurts, depression, anxiety and negative emotions and you want to make a change to your life, contact me today!

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Business Owner's Profile
Nicola Kassier
I am a Master Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. My passion is people and I strive to make a positive significant difference in the lives of everyone I meet!

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