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South Africa - MODIMOLLE
CHANGING THE FUTURE FOR AUTISM CHILDREN - CHANGING THE FUTURE OF AUTISM CHILDREN - CAD Children with Abnormal Disabilities, was formed by a distressed farther with a son suffering from aspergers, being a single parent not much is done to support various other single parents also having to deal with autism, doing much research in the field through personal experience, the idea and dream was formed to start an organization that supports parents in areas of schooling, self education, courses, after school care, and also helping children find there space, thus ensuring that parents are educated to handle there children and also ensuring that all children are placed in the right educational environment and school cirruculum. thus ensuring that parents are safe guarded from high private school fees and thereby ensuring low financial risks

What are Non Profit organizations?

A Non profit means that participants in this field only get paid for what they do and that the sole purpose of this organization is to provide services on a non profitable system. This organization has to on its own so that we can build an Autism self sustained center

What is your primary goal?

To help Autism children find there space in society. thus helping them to be excepted as normal participants in a normal environment and to ensure that with the right education and training be excepted in the main stream life, as adults with the same goals and expectations.

How did your organization start and grow?

This organization started with a frustrated farther, having to cope with a son with autism, as a single parent loosing his wife through brain cancer, having to cope in an environment of autism and the realities which accompanies this way of life .an eye opener.

Do you belong to any associations, if so what?

No, i do not belong to other entities, as i have all ready been through many, of which most are not always equipt to handle special needs children, and therefore many parents are left in disspear, having to find that allot of time was wasted and so the life of a child are
also effected in a negative way to DONATE follow this link s://

How should people get involved?

Seeing that most entities are seeking funding i have started a program by selling products and percentages are given by products been sold, people can go to my store and order products thus ensuring that commissions there off be donated to CAD, if people want to donate not more than $50 dollars,

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