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South Africa - Rhoodepoort
Buildit - Everyone wants that flashy house with the best security and the latest technology in alarms and solar powered heating. Sadly not many can afford these luxuries. Thats where we come into your life, we can provide you with a free quote with a guarantee that your pocket can afford your desires to own the home of your dreams. Act now and contact us, we are here for you. You will be pleasantly surprised. We are a phone call away, an email and a text message on whatsapp.
Contact Shane on 0835363304, email

What skills do you have in Construction?

We have highly trained technicians with top quality skills in the following: Painting, Tiling, Carpentry, Landscaping, Fencing, All forms of steel works (security, boundary gates, burglar proofing, Car ports and more) Security, alarm systems, Bricklaying and damp coursing. Our highly trained team are here to accommodate your needs.

Any adivice for a people out there regarding Construction?

I thoroughly believe in doing a job the right way and letting the right people do the job. Lets face it if you are paying you expect quality work with a backup guarantee. With you as a satisfied customer i am sure you are going to blow my trumpet for me, that is all i want, your smile and my good name spread. So contact us you will be pleasantly surprised.

Do you always need to hire a professional?

There is a proverb that say,: When in Rome do as the Romans do, or fight fire with fire. I recommend if you wanting a proper job you need to use the proper people. Anyone can change a light bulb but not everyone can wire the light bulb to burn. My business has specialists doing what they have been trained to do Nothing more, nothing less.

What are the basics of construction management?

Construction starts with a plan, then to carry out that plan you need the correctly trained and qualified people to fulfil that plan. Management are there to see that the plan is understood, the people are correctly trained, the plan is executed correctly and that the correct tools are used to complete that plan. Management must make sure the work carried out is correct and up to standard.

What construction jobs do you specialize in?

The following is a insight to our abilities that we specialize in. Painting, carpentry, tiling, landscaping, fencing, security alarms, bricklaying, all forms of steel work and damp coursing. Erecting of boundary fences, walls and security fencing. Solar power and solar heating. All done by a team of highly trained technicians.

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I am a highly qualified fitter and turner/diesel electrical fitter with 40 years of experience. I also am highly experienced in the building trade with 15 years of experience. I am very thorough in my field and a perfectionist at my job. I will not tolerate half jobs, sloppy work or comebacks. I am fair yet demanding.

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