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Battery Brothers South/ golf cart batteries
United States - dade, broward and palm county
Battery Brothers South/ golf cart batteries - Golf Cart Batteries ,6v,8v and 12 volt. Free Delivery and installation with Free Cables. 2 year warranty. American made best brand. Our service is we deliver to your home, remove old batteries and clean the cage of all acid build up from overspill of old batteries. place new stainless steel anti lock washers and nuts on all battery terminals. Spray all battery terminals with anti corrosion

What is your business goal?

To reach out to clients and future clients in south florida and to educate them the correct and safe way to maintain the batteries. if batteries maintained correctly, it will give longer life to the battery which will long term save them money. educate on safety.

What is your business history?

battery brothers been in business since 199. a rating with the bbb. we service an area called the villages in central florida which is one of the largest golf cart communities in the usa with around 100,000 homes. most if not all homes own a golf cart which they use for transportation as well as pleaser.

Any tips about your industry for our users?

keep batteries maintained for a longer life. always use distilled water. always check water level after charged as it rises while been charged, a lot of people make the mistake of adding water before being charged which causes over spill of acid build up.

What are your long term goals?

expand and grow the business all over the usa. to educate people the correct and safe way to maintain batteries. to help them give a longer life to there batteries to save educate every one the recycling of all batteries witch is very important for safety and the environment.

What is your most popular product / service?

Free delivery and installation. 2 year warranty. clean the cage which batteries sit in from acid build up. supply free new cables to connect battery to battery and maintain correct and safely. We use a American made battery Deka brand which has over 28,000 employees over the usa

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Dean Nightingale
hi, my name is Dean Nightingale born in England, moved to this great country in 1998. the land of opportunity. started up my own business in giving a great service for all golf cart owners. my beautiful wife and daughter are both American, born and bred. I have been truly blessed. Cheers

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