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Arizona Blue Sky Piano
United States - Memphis
Arizona Blue Sky Piano - Ive been a piano teacher, highly successfully, for 20 years the last 2 years have been extremely traumatic, and I had to leave N.J. I would love to restart my piano lesson business, and I am advertising my website, and hoping for some support. I would love for you to visit my site and read about my situation.

What is your business goal?

I have two business goals Id love to restart my piano lesson business at least part-time, and when I marketed my former business, I learned to create some beautiful digital art work. I would love to sell my art work online. I am very interested in photography as well.

What is your business history?

I started my piano lesson business 20 years ago, and through word of mouth and marketing, I grew the business to 45 to 55 students per week. I taught music theory, reading, composition, technique, and playing by ear. I held bi-annual recitals which were rewarding.

Any tips about your industry for our users?

When someone takes up a musical instrument, they must nurture and preserve their love of that instrument. Practice can be very disciplined, and rather than counting minutes and hours at the instrument, its best to choose music that you love, and set objectives and goals.

What are your long term goals?

I would love to restart my piano lesson business, here in Memphis, TN. I would envision a part-time business of 20 or so students, because simultaneously Id also love to continue creating my digital art work and develop a website to sell the work online.

What is your most popular product / service?

My most popular service is teaching piano to adults and children, beginners and advanced students. I also have a creativity which I apply to my digital art work, and selling this work is another dream of mine. I am a patient teacher and a very creative individual.

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