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Ancient African Cultural Elevation- Heritage
United States - Pompano Beach
Ancient African Cultural Elevation- Heritage - Heritage Village is a 501 C3 non-Profit Art/Cultural Community Base Organization, That provide service to the community, such as Annual Back to School Program, Feed A Family for Thanksgiving, Feed A Family for Christmas, Annual Ancient Festival for Yoruba Deities, Kwanzaa Programs, Rites of Passages Programs, Divination Classes, Ifa/ Orisha Classes, Yorubas Songs and Dance Classes, Cooking and Sewing Classes,all instructors are High Priest or Priestess in the Yoruba Ancient Religion,

What are Non Profit organizations?

Heritage Village is a Non-Profit 501 C3 Organization that caters to the needs of the Community since 2012, with education on elevation of ancient ancestor, to teach greatness of mind and heart, and to elevate our communities to work with local and federal government agencies, clean up our communities and elevate the todays youth of yesterdays communities, Most Programs are free to the communities we serve, Donation are accepted. Looking for Grant Writers to Help us in the future.

What is your primary goal?

Heritage Village Goal is to reintroduce ancient lifestyles of the Yoruba Tribe of West Africa to all whom wishes to elevate their lives the same as our ancient ancestors did, and still do today to teach ancient divination with Opele, Merrindelogun, Cards, Obi bata, Kola-nut, Songs, and Dances all in a class room setting, with Professional Experts in their field of sturdy, Heritage Village goal is to reintroduce the community of the pride and valor and grace of our ancient ancestor to todays world.

How did your organization start and grow?

I have 30 years in the serve of the Ancient ancestors, and many of the elders didnt really want to train the community, but you can join, it was very expensive and non productive from outside the black communities, You could ask question or you were being disrespectful, you wasnt allowed to work because you didnt know anything, every thing was in Spanish nothing English, so in 1997 I decided to create my own schools for my community in English after traveling to Africa, Bahamas,Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, and Columbia I learned so much, also my Godmother and God-brothers and sisters, had birth African American Caribbean Cultural Center in Ft. Lauderdale FL 1990 and in 1992 we gave it to the Community" its now called the African American Research Library, and Sept 27, 2012 the IEEAI (Ile Esu Eko Ati Isin) Heritage Village was born, we have grown through all the programs

Do you belong to any associations, if so what?

1990African American Caribbean Cultural Center I was One of the Original Co-founder along with my Godmother, Brothers and sisters in 1992 we returned it over to the community - Now New Name-1992 African American Research Library". 2008Daughters of Egba Ifa,- Daughters and Children of the Orisha Prophet Orunmila Elevation and Leadership Disciplined,with Osain Acknowledgements. 2010- Ile Yemoja Okunte de Brazil- Orisha Egba and ile for Orisha Yemoja Leadership Under Priestess of Yemoja / Priest of Osossi the ile Teaches International Yoruba Dances and Songs, Building of Sacred Groves, Taught by Baba Oguntola 12th Generational Babalawo from both Mother and Fathers side of his family" in Nigeria also my husband.

How should people get involved?

your Heritage Village is looking forward to relocated in a larger space so that we are able to connect with its community with bigger programs, we need volunteers, land donated to the village for growth needs, We need Grant Writers, we are also looking for Seamstress,

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