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American Septic and Side Sewer, LLC
United States - Everett
American Septic and Side Sewer, LLC - We repair and install sewer and septic. We are currently doing septic pumping/repair/installation for Snohomish County only but able to go anywhere in Washington State for sewer. With 30 years of experience, we are honest and will get the job done right the first time!

What repair tips do you have for homes?

If you smell any foul odors or have water gurgling or backups in your drains or elsewhere, it is a good probability that you have a problem in your septic/sewer lines. We will come out and camera scope the line to diagnose the problem first if needed.

What do people need to know about DIY

Repairing your own sewer or septic system is not recommended as it can cost you more money in the end if it is not done properly. If it is a clogged pipe, you can always try running a snake down the drain or plunging before you call an expert. If your yard is flooded in areas, that would be a good time to call.

Any advice about home repairs?

The best advice we can give you is if you doing any excavating or digging, make sure you have an asbuilt for your home to show where the septic system/drainfield is located or sewer lines. We have repaired many systems for homeowners who tried to level out their yards or build items for the kids and dug up the entire drainfield or sewer lines.

What are your fees or callout costs?

Our fees vary from place to place. It all depends on how far the trench will have to be and how deep it is. Other things that will determine the cost is replacing concrete, asphalt, trees to be removed or hand digging under buildings. Also if the homeowner has a stub for sewer because if they do not then we will have to tap into the sewer main which will result in right of way permits and traffic control.

Who is your target market?

Our target is anyone who owns a home, business or complex. We will pump out any septic tank in Snohomish County and install sewer within a reasonable distance. We also provide inspections for realtors or anyone trying to sell their home as this is mandatory before the sale is final.

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Jeff & Cindi Rice
Jeff has 30 years of experience installing/repairing septic and sewer systems and Cindi has 30 years of experience managing offices. Together they make a great team!

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