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ADM - Your Digital Solution
South Africa - Gauteng / Pretoria
ADM - Your Digital Solution - At ADM we offer you the best Data Capturing solution, by taking this tedious and time-consuming task off your hands.
We offer the best English / Afrikaans Narration service in South Africa, as well as Afrikaans to English Translation Services, and also typing of any of your business / personal documents.
We welcome businesses of any size, as well as students.

How important is administration to to any small business?

Administration is imperative to any business, whether big or small. Without proper administration at all levels, that business will fail. It is required from the CEO, right down to the filing clerk, because through administration, everything is kept together!

What costs are involved to use your services?

There is no set costs involved in my services, due to the fact that i.e. the cost of translating a book or a document depends on the size of said book/document, what type of book/document it is, (fact/fiction/research) etc. I have an hourly rate of R150 p/h, but the above is all relevant to the price given to a prospective client.

What steps can a business take to keep the admin under control?

Firstly, and most importantly, it must be supervised on a constant basis. The manager of each department must continuously check and make sure that whatever work was submitted, is done in the required manner and done correctly. Unfortunately too many managers just assume that what whatever work was submitted was done correctly.

What is social security administration?

Social Security Administration is administering all aspects of the population of any said country/state, in regards to Identification, health, and social care, and to ensure that all information gathered is correct, as well as up to date. With the wrong information, the aforementioned country will not be able to monitor the aforementioned aspects of that population effectively enough!

Can you discuss the term small business administration?

DEFINITION of Small Business Administration - SBA The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a U.S. government agency, formulated in 1953, that operates autonomously. This agency was established to bolster and promote the economy in general by providing assistance to small businesses.

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André Viljoen
I am an administrative professional, I am passionate about anything digital and providing my clients with the type of services that will bring them back with more!

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