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United States - Auburn
1974 - I have written a self-help book entitled The Sigil Precept - Finding a Balance to Our Inner Selves. It takes a look at the repeating cycle that seems to be inherent everywhere we look , how its flow can assist, and sometimes impedes, our growth and that which we strive to make sense of and, ultimately, master. It gives the reader a chance to understand where they are and where they are going.

What skills must you have as a Lecturer?

self confidence
personal drive
a sense of determination
a sense of self (knowing who you truly are)
a good sense of humor
a want and a need to help others
being prepared for all scenarios, including answering questions in a direct manner.

Can you write about your training?

I already have actually written about what i am training with my newest book, The Sigil Precept, as well as the Companion Workbook that goes along with it.
It is the beginning of a life long work that i hope to extend into my future with other books that are in the process of being written and published now.

Are there any courses in your field?

no there are not really any courses in my field at this time. it is all about the way a person wishes to take the work that has been presented to them into their own lives for personal improvement. It has steps to follow, but only if people wish to follow them.

What is your business history?

This is my first book (though there are more in the works). I have been an eclectic Minister, eclectic Wiccan, reader, and community activist for well over 20 plus years. I feel that I am my own business as I strive to make my community better for all persons.

What tips do you have for students?

Work hard, be determined and remember that it is your dream to better yourself. No one else will do it for you.Never lose sight of who you are or where you have come from. Remain true to yourself and have a sense of humility. Always strive to learn more and be more.

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The Sigil Precept
The Sigil Precept - Finding a Balance to Our Inner Selves is a self help book that looks ate where we were and how we can become more balanced in the here and now.
It is available as a softcover ($ 15.99) as well as an e-book ($ 3.99) and there is also a companion workbook ($3.99) available for download as well.

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Amy Sampsell
I am an author of The Sigil Precept - Finding a balance to Our Inner Selves as well as the Companion Workbook.
I am an eclectic Wiccan, eclectic Minister, Reader, Usui Reiki Master and a community activist

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