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general constructin and residential moving
United States - Brooklyn
General construction and residential moving - If you are looking for a mover in new York city then you have come to the right place and there is no need to look any further. We are a courteous group of people whos main priority is to put the customer first. Every smart business person knows that one of the key components of running a successful business is to make sure that your customers are happy and thats what we strive for here at Feurst Humanity Enterprises. But residential moving is not the only service being offered by our company. We also offer garbage and scrap metal removal, demolition, fencing, general construction, home improvement and the list continues to grow

What skills do you have in Construction?

demolition, fencing, concrete work, kitchen cabinets, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling,commercial moving, residential and commercial roofing, interior painting, windows installation, door installation, steps, HVAC. We also offer handyman services as well. We are willing to take on

Any adivice for a people out there regarding Construction?

Put your skills to work for you. Whatever field you are good at then try to implement your skills and make them work for you. Make sure your work is legal and clean. Meet all legal guidelines and have all paperwork handy at all times and make sure that all of your documents and licenses are up to date to avoid any fines and/or revocations

Do you always need to hire a professional?

Yes I would suggest the use of a professional at all times. This is true because one of the main things that your potential customers will look at is how professional your work is. Once you are deemed unprofessional then it will show. Once it shows then it will be very difficult to gain the trust of your customers and will then be difficult for yo to gain anymore work in your field

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