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UNIVERSAL LOVE - Universal Love is a love and light business. We offer a lot of service from Event planning of all kinds including performing wedding ceremonies including same . Taking a journey such as all listed above requires guidance therefore, we offer Life and or Spiritual Life coaching.
We have toe reading, Oracle reading and for balancing ones life and health we offer Reiki. Reiki is a natural ancient way of healing and putting your body/mind in balance while healing yourself of illness and stopping the progression current illness.

What is a counselors job description?

A counselor is a person that give guidance in all walks of like. Such as person m spiritual, psychological and so forth

Define counselling with psychology?

A psychologist is a doctor in its field that is able to treat people medically with their psychological problems

What qualifications did you get?

I am a certified License Life and Spiritual Coach.
I am a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher
I am a certified Nutritionist
I am a certified and Event planner

Where can you find free counselor services?

I offer free counseling service. Not to all my clients they have to fit a certain need and are situation

Tell us about your career as a counselor?

It is a very rewarding life choice. It is wonderful in that we find ourselves threw the service of others. It keeps you thinking and growing with each person you meet and help, they are also helping you.

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Tawonna Green
I choose to start Universal Love because our world is so lost and misguided. Our focus is on the wrong things. Love one self and change the world. Love someone first without learning to love yourself and you accomplish nothing. We pass our fear and doubts to the next person and generation. I strive daily to heal the world by loving myself and teaching others to do so as well. Heal yourself and know yourself first.

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