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SlabLine - Johannesburg
South Africa - Gauteng
SlabLine - Johannesburg - SlabLine has been engineering, supplying and erecting structural slabs since 2001. Our teams are efficient and well trained in this specific industry. We service the whole of Gauteng. We offer the perfect slab. The use of T-beams allows for perfect camber due to the fact that there are fewer moving parts. NB less props, no stiffener ribs.

We also have a fool proof method of erecting beams. Braces at 400mm intervals automatically force the beam to be straight - horizontally and vertically.The braces are 5mm angle iron, welded into one shape with a ferrule as insurance to prevent kicking.Due to this methodology the slab is done correctly first time every time.

Share some details about your industry?

SlabLine makes use of new and specific technology which results in structural slabs that are solid and have a life span of forever. There are a multitude of slab companies out there but none like SlabLine. For more information you are welcome to visit our website.

What tools and machinery are essential for contruction?

T-beams are installed faster. This is due to the fact that no stiffner ribs are required, therefore no planks. Materials required are 70 - 100% less than a normal rib & block system. Camber is easier to control. Packing time is reduced by at least 30%.

Entire slabs can be erected propless, this is especially true in the case of blocks of flats. In this instance, dependent on span, no propping and no back propping leading to a two week per floor time saving.

The floor beneath the slab can be worked on the day after pouring. Plastering of walls and ceiling as well as screed can be attended to immediately. Normal rib and block would need a minimum of 2 weeks to cure.

What is construction management?

Construction management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. CPM is aimed at meeting a clients requirement in order to produce a ally and financially viable project. Our Operations Manager is good at what he does, he meets the clients needs on every project.

What are the basics of construction management?

Time management, project management from start date to end date. Customer communication, clear and detailed. Team leadership, management and communication. Work according to the plan. Plan the work and work the plan. For more information on how we work feel free to visit our website.

What construction jobs do you specialize in?

SlabLine specialized in Structural Slabs only. Engineering, supply and erection across the whole of Gauteng. All you need to do is visit our website, Then you need to email your structural slab drawings to Barry Sanders:

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Barry Sanders
I am the Operations Manager for Slab Line, based in Johannesburg, Gauteng. I come with superb training and management skills, to ensure that each and every structural slab is erected within the project time, most jobs with time to spare. You are welcome to contact me to discuss your upcoming structural slab jobs.

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