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SKATEBOARDS FROM EVERY TYPE - New decks everyday to a week. Long boards, bottle tail boards,regular boards and more. Holiday editions, tribute boards, boards with random words, kid ed boards.Canadian maple wood. 44$ and up. Use code FRSHP for free ground shipping on continental US orders. Most recent board is 9/11 tribute board and pray for Paris board.

Did you do any sports business major?

No I did not get a business degree. But I do have enough knowledge of how the business world works with attracting customers, advertising and creating hype and making a profit and knowing what I in demand and what is not in demand. I know that if I have a in demand item I will get a profit or at least a better chance of making a profit.

What sports do you specialise in?


What sporting tips do you have for us?

If your gonna buy a skateboard to learn how to ride one dont do it alone because if you try to do a flip kick and enjoy up hitting where the sun dont shine your not gonna get help unless someone sees you. If your a man then you gotta wait till someone can come and find you. If your a women you should be ok. But go to your local doctor just to make sure.

How have consumers reacted to your services?

I have not had anyone big in the industry say stuff about it. But family and friends have some good reviews along with some people that shouted me out on Twitter also have good reviews of it as well. I used to work with another friend that also has a skate brand but we are no longer in contact.

Who is your target market?

My target market is skateboarders of all shapes and sizes. But mainly to anyone that wants to learn how to skateboard, open a skateboard training program, professional rookie athletes of the X-games and other skateboarding contests. To skateboard enthusiasts that collect the boards as a collection not as a rider even.

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