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Poison Ivy and invasive plant removal
United States - All nc
Poison Ivy and invasive plant removal - We safely destroy and remove all invasive plant growth. We remove:
Poison Ivy
Poison Sumac
Poison Oak
Virginia Creeper
English Ivy
Wild blackberries
Any and all other invasive plants.
More space for you, and a safer yard for your family.
We serve all of NC. We also serve SC and VA.
Some plants are very pretty, until they take over!

Do you have any good landscaping ideas for people?

You CAN NOT just spray Poison Ivy, etc, if you just gid rid of the tops, these plants come back 5 times stronger the next season, and even double within weeks after doing so!
Pets are the number 1 culprit that bring you the rashes from all poison ivy, poison sumac, poison oak, Virginia creeper, and even wild blackberries, and other plants that you wouldnt even think you would be allergic to!

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Camo Yard PRO
All invasive plant removal services, 15 years experience, we serve all NC, SC, VA, but will travel to help you have a safe yard, more room, and save you from all effects of Poison Ivy, sumac, oak and Virginia creeper.

We get to the root of the problem

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