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JJL Handyman Services
United States - Coshocton
JJL Handyman Services , Give us A call we do it all. We re- install floors ofAll kinds including tile and wood. We do dry Wall,painting, molding, siding, gutters, weatherization, Snow removal, debris removal, car/ boat/ truck/ Jet ski repair maintenance 10-30 yrs experience. FREE ESTIMATES!

Any adivce about selecting a good Handyman?

You want someone with experience who is
professional, fair, reliable, honest, and has
amazing customer service skills. Like the
Handyman we custom pick for your FREE
ESTIMATE. Most of all you want someone you
Can trust in your home around your family.

What tools and skills do you have?

We have all the tools needed to get the job
Done right! Our Handymen have decades of real world. Job experience and training. They have done it all before and will be able to troubleshoot any issues that arise. In your project. They love what they do and are good at it!

Did you study or have you become self-tought?

Most of our handyman have had a combination of schooling and have been trained by more seasoned handyman right on the job. They learn by both methods and get the most comprehensive skills possible. If a handyman is weak in a particular area.we will pair him with an expert till he is comfortable doing it on his own.

Is DIY a good idea for certain jobs?

It is ok if you have training but you can really create a serious issue if you take on a project beyond your capabilities. You need a professional for anything dealing with the structure of your home, whirring, or plumbing. Or you could cause your home to become unsafe.

How do you know you need a handyman?

You need a handyman if you are not trained in doing the project at hand. If you want the job done right and in a timely manner its time to call in a handyman. If you have issues following written directions,it has to do with a wire, post or a wall, you definitely need a handyman.

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Home remodeling
Our team of experts are well trained in your home remodeling needs. Weither it be an additional bathroom/kitchen or building a new storage shed, patio,or deck. They are up for the task. Built to your specifications in a professional, timely manner. Doesnt a kitchen remodeling sound heavenly. Or maybe you need that extra bathroom now that text family has grown. Whatever your need We are here to help. Maybe your finally ready to expand that tiny family room or bedroom. Want to finish that basement just say the word. Its time to do something good for you and your family for a fair price. And with JJL HANDYMAN SERVICES you can rest easy knowing your getting quality professional work at a price you can afford. You buy the materials so you know what is being used and you choose the quality and durability and cost. You only pay us labor. We even go with you to help you understand your options. You are given a FREE ESTIMATE for each project set up at your convenience.

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