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Health, Medigap, Life Insurance and Annuities
United States - New Smyrna Beach
Health, Medigap, Life Insurance and Annuities - We are an independent agent offering you access to a variety of products. The service that is provided is personalized to your needs, lifestyle, and financial situation. We will learn from you what you want, assess your needs, and help you find the right health, Medigap, or life product or fixed or indexed annuity.

What insurance quotes are too high for your industry?

High insurance quotes are proposals that are not properly matched to the clients needs, lifestyle, health, and financial situation. Within those parameters, quotes from companies that have not been researched by the agent to provide the best rate for the client may be too high.

How can people avoid paying too much insurance and be covered?

It depends on the client and the type of coverage. I have clients with low incomes owning health insurance with very low premiums and excellent coverage from health exchange products. I have high income clients that want to pay the premium for the product they most desire. We help our clients find the right fit for them.

What mistakes do people make when getting insurance?

They do not really understand two things: 1) the insurance markets and 2) the nature of the products. Then, they dont ask someone who knows the business for assistance. Unless you are unusually well-versed in the type of insurance you are researching, at some point you need professional help.

What type of insurance are you offering?

We are offering clients in Florida coverage to keep them healthy, build their family finances on a solid foundation, and provide retirement income. Todays good health products provide for preventive care. Life insurance products are more robust, and offer expanded living benefits. Annuities offer financial guarantees from their issuing companies.

What are the costs and fees are involved?

As a Florida insurance agent I do not charge fees for the products I market. The information I provide to you is free. You can do with it what you wish. Of course, I hope you will decide to do business with me. Because insurance premiums are set by the state, they are uniform in the sense that any one policy will have the same price no matter where, how, or from whom within the state you buy it. I provide unique value from the personalized service I offer, a well researched suite of products, and a real effort to communicate with you so we come to a mutual understanding of your needs and product options.

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Bob Nix
I am an independent insurance agent offering products in the state of Florida. My agency is contracted with several insurance marketing organizations, each with something different to offer: health insurance, foreign travel insurance, Medicare Supplements, life insurance, or annuities. This variety of products and special expertise brings you a combination of choices and good information.

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