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Honey bee snakes & bat removal Gauteng - we translocate honey bees bats & snakes all over Gauteng: if you need prices urgently, please either phone or sms rietha on +27 72 934 9060 or +27 76 632 9044……i do emails only very late in the evening

See our website:- or

Honey bees, bats and snakes play all a very essential part to the ecology. Bees provide pollination of our fruit and vegetables, bats keep all your crawling & flying insect populations down to the minimum, snakes control rodents (rats & mice....vermon), but we dont need them in and around our homes

Ons verwyder heuning bye & vlermuise slange. Doen algemene insek behandeling, kopluise, rotte, kakerlakke, miere, vlooie ens.

Geen verskuilde koste. Wat ons prys betaal u.

We remove honey bees, we dont kill them. Bees removed are transferred to commercial bee hives for use in honey production and pollination services................we travel johannesburg, pretoria hartbeespoort dam vanderbijlpark vaal marina and all areas in between

We install bat boxes (see bat box photo attached), put a one-way shoot for them to move out of the roof area and seal the areas so they can continue doing what they do best, eat all your mossies and all that from their new home .

Pest control we deliver eco-safe professional pest control. We do all the work yourself. We are extremely thorough and deliver highest quality work.

We do all kinds of garden control, head lice, rodents, bats, ants, cockroaches, fleas, flys, bedbugs, garden & lawn treatments, weed control, termites. We do not kill bees, we translocate the bees to rural area where they can continue being of good use to nature. We remove the bees, honey, wax and treat the area. We provide 24hour same day service.

Histoplasmosis is a dimorphic pathogen, a disease caused by a fungus found in bat and bird droppings. No bat has ever tested positive for canine rabies in South Africa. Lyssaviruses are so-called rabies-related viruses. In South Africa two lyssaviruses have been associated with bats. Lagos bat virus is found at very low levels (less than one case a year) in the population of wahlbergs epaulletted fruit bats, and there have two cases of the disease in cats. To date there has been no evidence of lagos bat virus infecting people. Any fruit bat that dies for no obvious reason should be handed to a vet with a request that the bat be tested for lagos. If the bat should test positive then it is recommended that a course of post exposure rabies shots be administered to anyone who had contact with the bat. Duvenhage virus is closely related to lagos virus and has caused the death of two people in the north west province of South Africa (1970 and 2006). In both cases the patients had been either bitten or scratched by an insectivorous bat some time before the disease manifested itself. Always be careful not to get bitten when handling any wild animal, including bats. Use thick gloves or a cloth to handle bats and do not allow children to stroke or handle any grounded bat. Anyone that is bitten by any wild or stray animal should immediately scrub the wound with soap and water and go within 24 hours to their nearest clinic to start a course of post-exposure rabies vaccinations. These vaccinations are free at state clinics

What is your business goal?

Translocate honey bees, snakes & bats. We need them to keep ecology healthy, but we dont need them in and around our homes. They need to be out in the veld where they can do good as nature intended them to be. Honey bees hornets and wasps fertilize our fruit/vegetables, bat keep the insect populations dow, snakes control vermin, rats and mice

What is your business history?

I have been taking care of honey bees snakes and bats since the time as a little girl growing up in south west africa, now namibia on a large farm where my dad taught me how to "raid" the honey, but not to damage the hive. Kept pythons to keep the rats at bay in the mielie meel room and outbuildings and at same time from keeping the mielie meel being stole by unwanted caracters........bat we watched at night during the raining season eating the termites what are plentyfull in namibia in the area where i came from, kamamjab.

Any tips about your industry for our users?

As i have stated before, bats, honey bees, wasps hornets and snakes are very importent to the ecology and to us persay. We need them more than they need us. Take care of nature and nature will take care of you. Those of you who dont have respect of nature, i have one thing to tell. Nature will get rid of you, many moons before you can totally destroy nature

What are your long term goals?

I believe if we can take care of the essencials in life like the co-existance of all insect, animals, reptiles trees and rest of plant life we would be able to keep earth going for ever and a day. In a nut shell, live according to nature and nature will allow you to co-exist with the rest of the animal kingdom. If not, nature will distroy you as it has been happening for many millions of years. It will happen again, even if it would mean the end of sivilisation as we know it.and it might be a good way of controling the total overgroth of the human population

What is your most popular product / service?

To educate my fellowman about nature, the importance of insects like honey bees, wasps, hornets, reptiles like snakes lizzards etc, and bats......what many people hate to see close to them, is in fact their saviour to allow them to in fact protect them from being ovedrun by unwanted pests

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Rietha Crafford
I believe we should all live according to NATURE, live in harmony with Nature and allow Nature to show us the way to respect, treat & embrace Nature, because if we can’t live & embrace Nature, how can we respect and embrace our fellowman.
We should look at the skies to read the newspapers of Nature for a better controlled tomorrow, we should look at the plants to enable us to read the co-existence between plant and animal, we should look at the reptiles and insects to enable us to read the necessity of every creature and the end result of the ecological existence of every insect, animal, plant and human species.
Follow the Moon, follow the Stars, the Sun will take care of all of You/US. Become ONE with NATURE, be Nature

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