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GA LA CAR Boutique Salon
United States - Jacksonville
GA LA CAR Boutique Salon - If you want to go from short to long or you would like to add thickness and length...Color is popular today let us pop your hair color with hair extensions color. Free purple streaks of color with service for Lupus Awareness...Let us extend your possibilities...Weaving is the Way... Grow Your Hair Back with Style!
Hair Weaving/Extensions Specials Tuesdays and Wednesdays $89. & up.

Whare is your most popular Salon service?

My most popular salon service is Hair Weaving/Extensions and makeup application. Today women want a hair style that will last, require low maintenance, offer style and cost effective. To enhance your look we have GA LA CAR Cosmetics, Making Beauty Simple for a Simply Beautiful You.

What is your business history?

GA LA CAR began in New York. The owner moved and relocated in Jacksonville, Florida in 1989 and expanded services and fashion. GA LA CAR Boutique Salon, The One Stop for Beauty and Styles opened downtown. GA LA CAR is now located in Arlington area of Jacksonville.

Can you give tips for woman about staying young and healthy?

GA LA CAR is on Facebook shares business, encouragement, hair, beauty and health tips. I recommend exercise, water and vitamins to help women to stay young and healthy. I am a host Ladies of Lupus, Diabetic Devahs awareness events and T-shirts. Coming soon Colon health awareness.

What questions do most women ask you?

Women are now more conscious of their appearance. They always interested in was to improve the condition of their hair and styles that last. Improvement of skin texture is a topic of interest, especially oily skin. Women with oily skin want information of how to control oil secretion especially for the upcoming summer.

Who is your target market?

GA LA CAR target market is professional Women who Know that Beauty is a Necessity and Not a Luxury and Still Like to Dress. The GA LA CAR Woman wants to look her best so that she can be her best as she inspires and aspire others to look out for their well being.

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My Products / Services
GA LA CAR Cosmetics
A lot of women do not wear makeup because they do not know what colors to wear to enhance their appearance.
GA LA CAR Cosmetics takes the guess work out of beauty. It offers color suggestions to take the guess work out of Beauty.with its Beauty Made Simple for a Simply Beautiful You for Day, Evening, Business, Religious, Bridal and Prom wear.

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Business Owner's Profile
Gail C.
I am originally from the big city New York. I had a dream of owning and operating my own boutique where women could get beauty services and fashions. My mother was my inspiration due to her beauty, grace and style. When I discovered that I these same qualities I took them to a higher level and there evolved GA LA CAR. GA LA CAR Boutique Salon was founded in 1989.

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