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DD HYDRAULICS & MAINTENANCE - The cleanliness of your hydraulic fluid is critical to the trouble free and cost effective operation of your system. Hydraulic components are very expensive and need special consideration when selecting and filtering this fluid. Certain recommended fluid cleanliness quantities are necessary to realise the best performance and cost saving operation of your hydraulic system. DD hydraulics offers you a mobile hydraulic filtering unit, that filters your oil to 5 microns.

Why should people choose you?

DD Hydraulics and Maintenance has been founded to provide service to our customers and to be committed to adding value to your business.Our cornerstone is based on extensive knowledge and experience in maintenance. We build personal interaction platforms that will serve our customer personal needs for maintenance. Our high quality standards, personal customer service and value that can be trusted, is what distinguishes from others.

How has your business grown over the last 3 Years?

We are in the first year of business. For now advertising is key to try and build clientele that requires our services.

Do you have advice about starting a business?

We are a fairly new business, and are also learning as we go along. Starting a business is not a easy endeavour but with hard work, persistance and the will to succeed anything is possible. The difference between working for someone and running your own business, is that every day you have to hustle and try and get work.

Who are you targeting?

To better satisfy a variety of needs, we offer five different service plans. One of which is lab testing of hydraulic oil , inspection service plan, preventative service plan, comprehensive labour service plans and comprehensive maintenance service plan. The areas which we are focussing on is the mining and engineering sectors the use hydraulic oil and their oil requires filtering.

Do you have any customer reviews?


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