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Caramel Apple Books
United States - Los Angeles
Caramel Apple Books is a shop on Etsy that sells handmade bookmarks, journals, and miniature books. Sometimes our shop will also carry craft supplies like book cloth and vegan leather. Our products are all made with hard work and time, with each journal taking up to 4-5 to be made. Our products are also low priced, which makes it great for shoppers. We value and appreciate everyone who is interested, thank you very much!

What is your best selling product?

The Exotic Butterfly Bookmark has been the most popular so far. It is a very pretty bookmark with colorful butterflies and beautiful patterns. It costs only $2.75 and is made with very high quality materials. This bookmark, like the others, is 100% handmade.

Do you offer any kinds of guarantees?

Customers who buy over $20 worth of items get 10% off on their next purchase! The coupon code will be emailed to them after their purchase. Their may be more sales and coupons in the future, so please visit the shop often for any announcements! Any questions will be answered as soon as possible on the shops Etsy page.

How did you actually start this business?

This business started with a simple passion for books. Books are beautiful, and I wanted to be able to create my own beauty as well. I began learning how to book bind even though I was very busy with my education. After tons of practice, I was able to create not only journals, but bookmarks and miniature books as well. Etsy is a wonderful website filled with kind and creative individuals. Many products on Etsy are one of a kind and handmade. Therefore, I realized that this would be a great place to start. My hope is that others will also find their own creativity and purpose and realize the true beauty of books.

Who is your target market?

These handmade items are made with the thought of book-lovers in mind, but they can be great for everyone! The journals are great for students and writers and the bookmarks are great for readers of all kinds. The miniature books are great for art-lovers who want to decorate or just keep them as collectables.

How have customers responded to your products?

The response has been great. People seem to love our bookmarks the most. They are unique and exciting, which makes them so popular among our customers. There are also many themed bookmarks which adds to their uniqueness. We have autumn bookmarks and animal paw print bookmarks to fit the personality of every customer!

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