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Biaton Paving
South Africa - Nelspruit
Biaton Paving - Biaton specializes in the manufacturing of cement paving bricks and is in production with three pavers products that are common in model for typical manufacturers.Concrete mixtures can be designed to provide a wide range of mechanical and durability properties to meet the design requirements of a structure or specific cement product.Compressive test result are primarily used to determine that the concrete mixture as delivered meets the requirements of specified strength in the job specification.

What job interview tips can you help with?

Always Look Presentable
Always be on time
Always speak clearly
Always Be honest

What qualifications would you recommend

Diploma/Grade related to the field you are applying for
Related Course to the field

How can one improve their skills for this position?

Studying further
Getting more training
Putting more time and effort
Knowing your position well

What extra skills would help secure this position?

Helping where ever you can even if its not in your job description
Always be punctual with time
Putting in more effort in what you do

Can you tell us more about the employer?

He is driven
He has passion and extensive knowledge about what he does
He has a goal and he is determined to reach it
He is a strong leader

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The business that I have is not just for mens world because look at me now.

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