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AFC Accounting Services
United States - Largo, FL
AFC Accounting Services - Our company is interested in providing professional bookkeeping and tax preparation for both individuals and companies. They can be either start up companies, independent owners, truck drivers, or just individuals who are having problems with their taxes. Our cost are reasonable and less expensive than hiring a full time employee for your company.

What skills do you need as a bookkeeper?

An understanding of the different types of entries used to keep a professional business. A working knowledge of how to use QuickBooks and file all the necessary paperwork for both the state and federal government. We also file quarterly reports, and Income tax returns both individual and businesses.

What tips can you give to anyone doing their own books?

Unless you have an understanding regarding capital, assets, liabilities and how to enter them in either an excel worksheet or one of the many software programs that are available it makes it difficult to keep your own books. The chances that you will miss deductions is possible.

Useful software packages for bookkeepers?

There are many software packages available for the basic do it yourself accountant. The best ones that are easy to use are QuickBooks and Sage (use to be Peachtree). There are others that require more knowledge to get the proper input correct. The recommended ones will give you P & L and Balance statements at the touch of a tab.

How do you become a certified bookkeeper?

A certified bookkeeper should take accounting and bookkeeping classes in order to understand what the differences between assets and liabilities are. Where stockholders equity comes in. Also how to figure the owners equity and retained earnings. They need to do their homework on the cost of the product and services.

Could you describe a bookkeepers duties?

The basic duty of any bookkeeper is to keep accurate records of the company. This would include the revenue taken in, the liabilities or expenses, cost of goods sold, amount of capital that the owner put into the company. You also need to file quarterly tax returns and yearly ones too.

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I decided to start my own business with a unique name that is why it is AFC (A funny chick) accounting services. I have my MBA in accounting and MSM in organizational behavior. I have done returns for some of the states that require them, in addition I have done tax returns for Canada.

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